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PragueMultiCard s.r.o. 2019

Terms and conditions of the service 

Before you use your Prague Multi Card, we recommend you to read the following information carefully.

 Basic information   Where to buy

  • The Prague MultiCard is only valid when it is completely filled in with your name and starting date!

  • No reimbursement if attractions are temporarily closed.

  • The attractions reserve the right to change their prices and hours without notice.

  • After picking-up and activation, the card is non‐refundable. 

  • No replacements or refunds for lost or stolen cards.

  • No refunds can be provided if the facilities are not used during the period of validity.

Validity of Prague MultiCard

  • The PRAGUE MULTI CARD is only valid when there is the HOLDER'S NAME and the STARTING DATE of its use. 

  • Please enter on the back side of the card the exact date when you intend to start using the card. For example, if you start using the Prague Multi Card on 5th of July, 2019 you enter: 05 07 19. Please make sure you fill in the card correctly, as overwritten, corrected or illegible cards may not be used.

  • Don’t forget to sign your card before starting to use it. The Prague Multi Card is your personal card and cannot be transferred to anyone else. 

  • Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee gives you the right to cancel your order of Prague Multi Card within 30 days of completing it online. Note: this does not affect your statutory rights.

  • To cancel, you must contact us by email (info@praguemulticard.com) within 30 days of ordering online.

  •  You do not have the right to cancel your order of Prague Multi Card within the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you have activated The Prague Multi Card or started using it and / or any products included.

  • The Prague Multi Card is valid for use within 12 months following date of purchase unless otherwise specified. Once activated it will expire at the end of consecutive days purchased.

  • Opening times of participating Locations fluctuate from time to time and users of information on this website are advised to check with the Location concerned prior to visiting in order to ascertain the opening times.

  •  All offers, participants, attractions and services listed on this website are contractually bound with The Publishers to offer benefits, discounted, or free entry to Prague Multi Card holders, as well as other genuine offers and discounts where applicable. The Publishers have taken all reasonable care to ensure that only properly run and reputable locations of good standing are within the Prague Multi Card scheme. That said, The Publishers shall not be liable for any deficiencies in service, quality of merchandise or health and safety concerning any particular attraction.

  • All and any complaints or claims for redress must be made directly to the location concerned.

  • Holders of the Prague Multi Card recognize and accept that they visit any Location voluntarily and entirely at their own risk.

  • The Publishers are not responsible for the conditions of the Location or venues or third party acts or omissions at any Location, venue, or service.


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