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PragueMultiCard s.r.o. 2019

Travelling around Prague 

Once you purchase, along with your Prague MultiCard, you will also receive travel tickets for the system of public transport in Prague. These tickets work independently on you Prague MultiCard, but their price is already included in the price of Prague MultiCard. There are no hidden costs. However, in order to use these tickets, you need to follow a few simple steps.

 During ticket check... 

Carry your tickets with you all the time, the system of public transport in Prague work excelently and it is likely you will use it often. Children younger than 6 don't need to have a ticket at all as they can travel free of charge. If you have Prague MultiCard for students, make sure you carry your ISIC card too. You will be required to provide it in case of a ticket check by Prague's Public Transport company staff.

Prague metro map

Validate your ticket

The tickets which you received with your Prague MultiCard must be first validate, otherwise the ticket is invalid and the passenger is treated as if he had no ticket. The area designated for validation is at the bottom of the ticket. In the picture it is marked in green.

Use the validators

Tickets must be validated in a yellow machine called “validator”. Validators are placed at entrances to stations of metro or funicular, at train platforms and in every tram and bus. Each ticket must be validated only once; when changing between lines or individual means, do not validate the ticket again.

Time of validation

Since the moment of validation the ticket is valid for its designated time. With each Prague MultiCard, you received either multiple 1-day tickets or one 3-day travel ticket depending on the type of your card. Keep the time of validation in your mind, once your ticket runs out of time, it is rendered invalid.

Contact information 

ROPID (Prague integrated transport organizer)

phone information line +420 234 704 560
open daily 8:00 – 18:30

Prague Public Transport Co.

phone information line +420 296 191 817
open daily 7:00 – 21:00

More information 

In case you're in need of more information, we encourage you to go visit the official website of Prague transport system. When in the city, you can also go to one of the information centers, you can find the list of all information centeres down below. Last not least, feel free to contact us for any sort of information you might need and we will do our best to help with your inquiry. Either send us an email to info@praguemulticard.com or use the chatting option at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Information centers