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PragueMultiCard s.r.o. 2019

Apple Museum

Come learn about the company that has not only introduced new trends and technologies, but has created a lifestyle adopted by tens of millions of people around the world.

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    See how the apple family grew, how it brought stunning news to the world and understand why it conquered tens of millions of people worldwide. It was Steve Jobs, a unique visionary and an ingenious businessman, who urged his colleagues to think differently. He wanted to change the world and he made it happen.

    Keep your eyes and mind open too, same as he did…

  • Recap

    The largest private collection of Apple products in the world.

    The multimedia guide is available in 8 international languages.

    The most comprehensive and valuable collection of 472 products associated with the name of Steve Jobs - Apple, Pixar and Next.

  • Where to find us

    Husova 21, Praha 1


     +420 774 414 775