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PragueMultiCard s.r.o. 2019

What is Prague Multicard

Prague MultiCard is a special card that grants its owner access to numerous discounts to restaurants, shops, tours and services in general, with main focus on the center of the city. With Prague Multicard you don't have to worry where to go for lunch without falling for a tourist trap or which shop to go to without unnecessarily paying extra. As a special bonus, with any purchase of Prague MultiCard you will also receive a free public transport ticket for 2 or 3 days, depending on your choice.

Prague Multicard includes.. 

Prague Multicard grants access to numerous discounts and benefits. 

How the card works 

There are 2 options of Prague MultiCard:  2 days or 3 days.

How to get Prague MultiCard 

 The card can be either purchased online or in one of our partner shops in Prague. If you buy the card online, you can later pick it up in one of our pick-up points in Prague. 

In any case, our personnel is trained to help you fill in all the necessarry information and to activate the card with you. Please keep in mind that without the information present on the back side of the card, the card is invalid and cannot be used. 

How to activate (and use) the card 

Once you receive your card, in order to use it you need to activate it first. To activate, simply fill in the empty fields in the back of the card. The card will be valid for 2 or 3 consecutive days including the day of activation. The shop assistants in our partner shops or pick-up points will help you to fill in the information.

Once your card is activated, feel free to visit any attraction, shop or restaurant. Simply inform the staff that you will be using your Prague MultiCard and enjoy the discounts.

Without the information filled in on the back side - name of the holder of the card and date of activation (first day of use) the card is invalid and cannot be utilised.